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Music has been a part of Veronica’s life since she was very young. A pianist for her schools, she sang in choirs and played French Horn in music groups. She won several prizes in The Hong Kong Music Festivals in both Piano and Vocalsections. She also received qualifications with ABRSM. She has always retained her love of music.

Veronica graduated with a degree in Music Education from The Education University of Hong Kong in 2009. During her study, she became a church organist and Chairperson for church choirs. After graduation, she worked in Music Centres and Schools in Hong Kong, conducting choirs and teaching Piano, Choral singing and Music Theory. From 2008- 2011, she was an Examination Executive for Trinity College London (UK), responsible for administering the examinations in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

She has been resident in New Zealand since 2012 and worked as a Piano teacher in College and an Administrator for Trinity College London (UK), Auckland & Northland till early 2014. Veronica wanted to get to know more about the piano, so was pleased to receive the opportunity to train as a piano tuner and technician apprentice with Jenkin Piano Service. She enjoys the challenges of getting the best out of different pianos through piano rebuilding, restringing, voicing and regulating the action.

Veronica is qualified & registered with the Australasian Registered Piano Tuner & Technician Guild (ARPT) and is also a registered member of the New Zealand Piano Tuner & Technician Guild (NZPTTG).

Apart from piano servicing, she teaches piano; she continues learning piano performance with concert pianist, Matteo Napoli and accompanying her partner, David Adlam. On the other side, Veronica also has several hobbies too, swimming, watching sports, crafting and cooking.

Veronica provides excellence & professional service in Piano Tuning, Servicing and Repair, also include inspection and quotation.

If you have any enquiries or questions about your piano, please do not hesitate to contact Veronica for information. As a musician herself, she understands your needs.

  Australasian Registered Piano Tuner Australasian Pinao Tuners and Technicians Association Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of New Zealand